Cleaning your bicycle chain in 5 easy steps!

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What is that amazing piece of invention that makes the bicycle what it is?

The Chain drive or the drive train is the invention that has helped make the Bicycle an important means of transport. The chain drive is not only integral to the bicycle, but to many other inventions working on the principal of mechanical energy. The chain on your bicycle that helps rotate the wheels on your bicycle is an important part of your chain drive.

It is essential that you maintain a clean chain, if u want to get anywhere on your bicycle. It is essential to maintain your bicycle to give it long life and for a smoother drive.

How often should you clean your Bicycle chain?

Well…if you are a professional cyclist, cleaning your bicycle chain should be a part of your daily regime. But if that is not the case, then you are better of letting your bicycle tell you when it needs maintenance. You will recognize it by the noises it makes, slower performance, increased difficulty in riding, etc. But do not worry. Cleaning your Bicycle is ridiculously easy. Just follow these 5 easy steps for a dirt and grime free bicycle ride.

Cleaning your bicycle chain in 5 easy steps

Step 1: Get yourself one of those blue Bicycle chain cleaning tool kits

You can get one of them from the maintenance and hardware store near you or you can even get from e-bay. The basic kit come with a set of rolling brushes and a bottle of cleaning liquid, which would run out after some uses and might need to be refilled. But kerosene or spirit is good enough.

Step 2: Cleaning the Chain

Open up your bicycle chain cleaning kit. Fill it up with the cleaning liquid and place it on your chain. Now run the chain through the liquid for about 50-60 seconds, then discard and refill the liquid. Repeat this process until the liquid doesn’t get dirty. Let the chain dry and wipe with a plain paper napkin

Step 3: When your Bicycle chain is extremely soiled and grimy

Remove your bicycle chain and let it soak in a container with kerosene or some cleaning fluid. Let it soak for about 10 minutes and remove it. This should have removed heavy soil and grime from the chain.

Step 4: Lubrication

Lubrication should be done when ever your chain makes noise and not necessarily after a cleaning regime. Hence you have to do it more often. There are a number of lubricants available including self cleaning lubricants that come in different containers including tubes which make it easy to apply them on the chain.

Step 5: Cleaning the Drive cassette

For the chain to function effortlessly, it is imperative you check and clean the chain cassette too from time to time for articles that may dislodge the chain. This will help in maintain the long life of your chain and also reflect in your riding experience.

As you may have noticed, cleaning your bicycle chain is not a very difficult or time consuming process and you can do it at home in your free time. If you wish you can view a lot of tutorial videos on . Happy cycling!


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