Bike Repair Tips: What’s Causing That Annoying Noise?

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Bike Repair Tips: What’s Causing That Annoying Noise?Is your bike making noises? You probably want to make these noises go away. First off you need to know what’s causing the noise so you can fix this ear-busting issue. You can choose to send your bike to a local bike shop to have this fixed but if you want to pull a DIY bike repair, here are some helpful tips!

When Do You Hear the Sound?

If you hear the sound once every time the wheels get to one revolution, you need to check your front or rear wheels. Usually the noise is caused by dragging brake pads. You may need to center the wheel between your brake pads or you may need to give the brake some tweaking. You should also check if one of the wheels is positioned sideways in your bike’s frame. This misalignment can cause the tire to rub on a chain stay which makes the noise.

The cause can also be your tire seating. You can deflate your tire then re-inflate it or you can just get a new tire.

The noise can also be because of your spokes rubbing which then makes these creaks and clicks. To see if this is the problem, squeeze a pair of spokes and see if the sound that you hear matches. If it does, you’ll just need to give each spoke intersection a drop of light oil and the noise will go away. Loose or broken spokes can also cause noises.

The hub may also be the cause of the noise problem. Take the wheel off the bike and with your hand, give the axle a good spin and if it’s loose and not smooth you need to give the haul an overhaul.
If the noise happens in each gear, the problem is probably in one of the things mentioned above. You should also look for foreign objects that may have been caught between the sprockets. You should also check sprocket teeth for damage. A problem with the cassette of freewheel can also cause bike noises.

Does the problem happen only once in a while? This can be the worst kind of noise problem. Usually when the bike is taken to a bike shop, it does not make any noise at all so the bike mechanic would not know what to fix. Test riding can help pinpoint the problem. Try riding up a hill and pedal hard in each gear. If you hear a clunk every now and then the problem can be your chain and sprockets are already worn out and need to be replaced. You can also try turning hard going to the left and right. The problem can be because your chain is hanging at a certain angle or the weight of the wheels bearing is off-center or the accessories are flexed into an unusual position.

We’ll discuss more about diagnosing bike noises in one of our future posts.

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