Cycling Apparel Are Not Just Bright-Colored Lycra Clothing

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In the past, when cycling is mentioned, people immediately think about bright-colored Lycra-wearing people. It is true that some cyclists still wear bright colored Lycra clothing and not that there is anything wrong with doing so.

Cycling Apparel Are Not Just Bright-Colored Lycra Clothing

Cyclists wear bright-colored clothing so that they establish a strong visibility on the road therefore preventing accidents. Lycra is a favored type of fabric since it pools away sweat from the body, it is lightweight, more comfortable and breathable.

However, to call all bike riders as bright-colored Lycra-wearing people is just wrong. We see people ride their bikes wearing normal everyday clothes and even office clothes. Many bikers nowadays wear clothes that both look good and are functional on the bike. Some companies are even now offering stylish and technical biking apparel.

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