Bike Locks

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If there is one negative outcome from the rising popularity of bicycles, that is the rising rate of bike theft. Thieves are always on the prowl and they are targeting bicycles nowadays, because of the simple fact that bicycles are hot on the market and very in demand.

Bike Locks

Bike owners should take measures of protecting their bicycles from sleek thieves. A good bike lock is necessary to dissuade thieves from targeting your bicycle. Aside from having a trusty and sturdy lock, knowing how to lock your bike properly is essential. You should also be wary of where you park your bike. Always park your bike in a well-lit area and make sure that you have locked your bike in such a way that thieves would have a hard time getting your bike.

There are plenty of bike locks in the market. But not all of them are reliable. Here’s a helpful bike lock review from London Cyclist. Read the whole article here

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