No Space for A Bike? Get a Folding Bike Instead!

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If you are a cycling enthusiast and you live in the city, one of the biggest dilemmas that you would have to face is how to make a bike fit inside your tiny space. Of course, you don’t want to give up on your riding just because you don’t have spare space for your bicycle.

No Space for A Bike? Get a Folding Bike Instead!

You probably have considered parking your bicycle in the hallway or outside of your building. Parking your bicycle outside is a big NO-NO as thieves are rampant these days and being outside means your bike will be exposed to the elements which would hasten its deterioration. Parking your bicycle in the hallway can be unsafe for other tenants and it is still not safe from the eyes and quick hands of bike thieves. So what’s the best solution?

How about a folding bicycle? You won’t have a problem storing a folding bicycle even in a tiny flat. This is the best solution especially if you are a city rider.

Check out this folding bike review from London Cyclist. Read the whole article here.

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