Is Cycling Dangerous?

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Just like any sport and any physical activity, cycling does come with a risk. So if someone asks you if riding your bicycle into the open road or rocky and mountainous terrains is dangerous, you should be honest and answer with a yes.

Is Cycling Dangerous?

There is danger lurking in almost everything. Swimming out in the open ocean puts you in danger of drowning or getting swept away too far from the shore, in which case you’ll end up drowning. Playing sports like tennis can also lead to injuries. Even walking outside can have its dangers.

Accidents can and do happen. All we can do is take up measures to minimize the chances of accidents from happening. Establishing good visibility, following traffic rules, and knowing your road position are just a few keys to preventing accidents when riding.

So have you been asked the “isn’t it dangerous” question? Check out this post. Read the whole article here.

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