Strengthening Exercises for Cycling Enthusiasts

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It’s great that you’re bike commuting. You’re doing your body and the planet tons of good. If you take on long bike commutes, you need to start building your strength so that you don’t feel much pain from your long hours of pushing the pedals. Pain can get you off your bike and we don’t want that. So here are some exercises that you can do in between long commutes to build your strength.

Strengthening Exercises for Cycling Enthusiasts

Your calves can get pretty tight after going on a long distance commute and doing squats can be a bit tricky. So here is a squat for cyclists. Elevate the heels using weighted plates or books and magazines. This would allow you to squat deeper and keep your torso upright. Make sure that your feet are parallel just like when you’re riding your bike. Do three sets of 12 counts.

Core Training
Working on your core strength is very important. You may think that biking is ll about leg power but you’re core is just as important. A strong core is important to keep your balance and a good posture while riding. To strengthen your core, planking can help. Simply lie with your chest down on the floor then push yourself up onto your elbows while your toes are tucked under. Try holding this position for as long as you can and make sure that you keep your back straight.

For the Triceps
Keeping your arms strong is also crucial especially when you go on long distance bike commutes. The back of your arms can receive quite a battering especially on bumpy roads so keeping them strong is quite important. On a bench or a step, place your hands behind you with the fingers pointing forward. Your knees should be bent and the thighs should be parallel to the ground. Start bending your elbows until your bottom is nearly touching the ground then extend your elbows. Do this 12 times. It is best that you give yourself a minute’s rest before going at it again.

These three exercises can help strengthen your body and reduce pain on your rides.


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