Cycling Safety Tips When on the Road

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As a bike commuter, it is your responsibility to prioritize your safety and the safety of other road users too. If all road users whether motorists, cyclists and pedestrians follow this as a rule of thumb then accidents can be avoided or minimized.

Cycling Safety Tips When on the Road

So how do you keep safe while riding your bike on the road? Here are some road safety tips for you cycling enthusiasts.

Road Safety Tips

Obedience to traffic rules. All cyclists should obey traffic rules. If you see that the light has turned red, stop. You should practice this even when it seems like the road is empty. Wait for the light to turn green before you pedal away.

Follow the ride away from the gutter rule. Do not ride very close to the gutter, instead ride away from it. If it happens that the road you are in is too narrow for vehicles to safely pass you, it may be an ideal and safer move to bike towards the center of the lane. This can avoid dangerous overtaking by other motorists.

A door width’s rule. As a cyclist you should know that when riding past parked cars, you should allow a door’s width distance between you and the car as a precaution should the door suddenly opens. You should also remember to ride in a straight line when passing parked cars and not dodge in between them.

It’s smarter to stay back. When there are lorries and large vehicles in front of you, be smart and stay back. This is a safety precaution as the drivers of these large vehicles are most likely not able to see you clearly.

Additional Safety Tips

Be alert. You should always pay attention to the things going on around you and be mindful of what other road users might do. If you pay attention, you would be able to react quickly and avoid accidents.

Establish eye contact. To ensure that motorists have seen you, make eye contact. But see to it that when you do, you are still aware of what’s going on around you.

Be visible. Whenever you are out riding on the road, whether daytime or night time, you want to be always visible to other road users. Wear bright colored clothing during the day and wear reflective clothing and accessories when riding at night. Your bike should  have a working head and tail light too.

Use hand signals. Whenever making a right or left turn, use the correct hand signals. Doing so will let other road users know what you will be doing therefor they can react properly.

Follow these safety rules whenever riding on the road.

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