High Altitude Cycling Tour You Should Not Miss

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Ever tried biking at a high altitude? Those who have tried this adventure would often say that to fully understand this physical and spiritual quest, you’ll have to be on such a ride. If you know you are physically fit for this adventure then here’s one tour that would give you great highs and contrasts.

High Altitude Cycling Tour You Should Not Miss

High Altitude Cycling in Chile and Bolivia

Before Signing Up

Before you sign up for this cycling adventure, you have to be honest in assessing your physical, mental and spiritual fitness. Doing so will ensure that you will enjoy this challenging experience and avoid compromising your well being.

Are You Ready for a Big Cycling Adventure?

Get ready for a breathtaking adventure that will challenge you to surpass your limitations while enjoying amazing landscapes. The tour from Global Adventure Guide comes with proper acclimatization and expert guides to ensure an utmost enjoyable and safe experience.

What Awaits You in the Tour?

In this tour you will witness and breathe in the great highs and contrasts that the Andes in Chile and Bolivia hold. You get to ride past deserts, lively and colorful cities, steep and very challenging climbs and possibly the most enjoyable downhill ride there is. Arica, La Pas and Copacobana are on your plate to explore plus you would get the chance to get to know colonial towns that is located in a very remote area. You will never forget the beauty and spirituality of camping in a desert under the night sky illuminated with thousands of stars. You would get to experience places of legends such as the Island of the Sun which is a land of Incan legend located in Lake Titicaca. The trails you’ll be riding are rugged and varied. An exhilarating downhill ride which may possibly be the longest in the world, a one-day bike descent stretching to 4400 meters from peaks covered in snow down to the Amazon jungle is eagerly awaiting your adventurous heart.

For more information on this high altitude cycling tour visit the Global Adventure Guide.

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