Do You Know How to Choose the Right Bike for You?

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It’s great that you have finally decided to buy a bicycle. Riding a bike is not only good for your health but also for the planet. You’ll also be glad to save a lot of money for gas if you choose to commute by cycling.

Do You Know How to Choose the Right Bike for You?

But before you go to your local bike shop and pick your new bicycle, you should know how to pick the right one for you. By doing this you can ensure that you will have a more comfortable and safer ride and you won’t have to suffer the pain of having to deal with repairs often or upgrading to a new bike, therefore saving you from more expenses in the future.

So how do you decide which bicycle is the right fit for you?

Consider the kind of riding you would be doing. Will you be using the bike for commuting or for leisure. You should also take into account the distance you would be riding and how often will you be hopping on your two wheels and on what types of road will you be pedaling. By taking all of these into account, this will help you arrive at a good decision which type of bicycle model to get.

Get to know the types of bicycle. So what kind of bicycle should you get? You should know that there are different kinds of bicycles available. First you should get to know the main three types.

  • Mountain Bikes – Mountain bikes are sturdy and can handle all types of terrain. They are basically an all-around bike however they are a bit on the heavy side and quite slow.
  • Road Bicycles – These bicycles pack up quite a speed. they are best for racing, training and long distance cycling. Road bicycles are not advisable for novices as they can be quite difficult to handle. Road bikes are also not that ideal for commuting since the low-down position makes you less visible on the road.
  • Hybrid Bikes – Hybrid bicycles are a mix of the two. They are lighter than mountain bikes but they do not go as fast as road bicycles do. If your reason for buying a bicycle is for commuting then this is an ideal choice.

There are still lots of other types of bikes aside from these three major types. If you’re buying a bike for touring, then you should go for a tourist bike since these bicycles were designed for long and tough journeys and they allow for more baggage or load to be carried. Folding bikes are great for city commutes and especially for those who do have limited space in their home.

Now you are ready to go shopping for your new bike.

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