Health Related Benefits For Ladies Who Ride A Bike!

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Health Related Benefits For Ladies When They Ride A BikeThere are numerous health benefits for ladies while using a cycle. The first and foremost one is the stress release. Other usual advantages of exercising like fitness and weight loss, stronger muscles and good blood circulation come next in the list. The most important heath related benefits could be categorized according to priority as given below,

Stress release:

Reduced depression is the main benefit of riding your bike. Most of the ladies suffer with premenstrual syndrome and repressed feelings. Cycling tends to release their stress to a great level. Fifteen minutes of cycling twice a day five days a week tends to relax women like nothing else.

Weight loss:

This is the most efficient and easy means of weight loss to a lady. Most of the women do not have enough time to exercise or take care of themselves. Others feel shy or unnecessary to use the gym or other fitness kits.

The easiest way is to use the cycle to and fro for work and for all domestic purposes like shopping and commuting. This is the easiest and cheapest form of losing weight and all the other ailments it brings along with overweight.

Stronger muscles and bones:

Most of the women suffer from joint pain in knees or back pain. They tend to carry the kids for most of the time and do not give proper exercise to their muscles resulting in serious bone issues. Nearly 60% of the women who are above forty years of age suffer from bone problems.
Cycling regularly from mid twenties release the risk of osteoporosis up to 30%. Also all the muscles get good exercise during cycling and they are capable of absorbing more shock and they become stronger. Because of this they do not tend to tear easily protecting the bones further.

Good blood circulation:

Nearly all the muscles in the body are used while riding a bicycle. This increases the blood circulation in the body and fills our lungs with fresh oxygen. This reduces the chances of getting diabetes and inheriting heart diseases. Also good blood circulation makes our brain active and adds freshness to our face.

Health benefits specific to women:

Thus cycling provides innumerable health benefits to everybody, especially ladies. Most of the women tend to have serious hormonal changes in their body during menopause and also in premenstrual period.

These harmonic changes affect their bones and causes lot of anxiety in them. Good exercise and healthy food habits are a must to keep them fit in that period. If cycling is practiced from early stages regularly it serves as a real boon to them and helps a lot in overcoming this hormonal imbalance.

Pedaling releases the stress and anxiety in the body gradually like no other object ever invented. Pedaling also makes the knee and thigh joints stronger, resisting the harmonic disorder in this fatal period.

The points stated here are tip of an iceberg considering all the health benefits of cycling. If you want a healthy life and problem free old age start using your bicycle regularly from now onwards. It is always better to be late than never.


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