How To Replace Your bicycle chain!

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How To Replace Your bicycle chain!
Maintenance of any vehicle is very important if you want it to work well. If you are going to be learning how to use your bikes, you need to know that when your bicycle gets damaged, you should have the basic information on how to repair it. As with any other vehicle, bicycles also need regular repair. You will have to check each and every part and please remember to check the bicycle chain.

What are the parts of a bike that need to be repaired regularly?

Not many bikers remember that the chain is one part of the bike that is to be considered a consumable. That means that it will be ground down with use and you will have to replace it. The exact time of replacement will depend on how much you use your bike and how you use it. If you care for your bike everyday you are more likely to have a bike chain that lasts longer. But I would advise you to make sure that you check your bike and its chains regularly to prevent getting injured.

How do you find out that your bike chain needs to be replaced?

A few typical signs of your bike chain getting worn down are-

  1. The bike no longer works properly
  2. The bike will have a chain slip that will cause it to have a painful injury
  3. The chain looks “stretchy”

When do I need to replace the chain?

The general rule of thumb is to replace the chain before the chain has stretched to the point where it is not a foot but a foot and one eighth of an inch longer in size than what it was originally.

Why does the chain get worn down?

Due to the constant grinding motion of the chain with the pins you will notice that a new chain will have sharper teeth than an old chain. The wear on the old chain cannot be seen easily when you are riding the bike as the teeth are hidden between the outer and inner side plates and they are friction fit together to the chain pin

How to replace your bicycle chain?

The process is very easy and you can start by

  1. Shift your bike to a big-big gear combination as you get a larger area to work in
  2. Lay your bike down on a protected surface with the left side touching the ground
  3. Place foot measures on the top chain such that zero is centered at a particular point and then hold it steady. Measure to confirm that the chain has increased in size.
  4. Get the tools you require like a chain tool, surgical gloves, u shaped stiff wire to loosen the links.
  5. Position the tool and then screw the pin extraction until the main mandrel is perfectly aligned with the pin of the chain
  6. Very carefully, partially put the pin half way out
  7. Watch carefully by yanking on the chain before the pin is out. Most of the time the chain comes apart before the pin is removed completely
  8. Once the old chain is out you can go ahead with adjusting the new pins into the new chain with the same chain tool.

You can find more information on the internet on how to replace your bicycle chain with pictures.


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